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Quick Start Guide

  1. Create a free Discuss.io account by clicking the discuss.io homepage’s “Get Started” button, in the upper right-hand corner.started(While signing-up, you will select account-level settings like your time zone and language.)
  2. Test your system capability at www.discuss.io/tech.
    (Read more about the Discuss.io Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting Common Audio/Video Issues.)
    You should also forward this link to any observers so that “Tech Checks” can take place in advance of a discussion.
  3. Schedule a Test Discussion:
    1. Click “+ New Discussion” button in the upper left-hand corner.
      Alternatively, you can create a new discussion from clicking on any date and time from the Calendar:
    2. Schedule an interview in the dialog box, making sure that you select “I will recruit my own respondents.”(See the extended help section for Recruiting and Screening.)schedule-modal-more-optsUpon successful scheduling, the meeting’s management window will appear next:meeting-room
    3. Invite recruits and others by clicking “Invite Participants.inviteThe next window allows you to send invitations via email. Use this field to send an invitation to your test participant.sharing-invitation
Updated on August 24, 2016

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