Before you begin

Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements, and don't forget to check the interview best practices


  1. Click the session link. Using google chrome or firefox.
  2. Enter your contact information, review the privacy policy and terms of service, and click Continue.

     4. Choose whether you want to listen to the session using web audio or dialing in by phone. We always recommend web audio for the highest quality session.

     5. If the moderator has not yet arrived, you will wait in the lobby for the session to begin. 

If the moderator has arrived, you will immediately join the conference.

Communicating in the Meeting Room

Since you are joining as an observer, your webcam and microphone will be disabled and you will be able to communicate with other observers and moderators through the private chat room (called Backroom). You can also engage our customer support representatives if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Save the moment

You can also save moments of the conversation that you find interesting using our Save the moment feature. 

Joining a Session with Simultaneous Translation

If you are observing a session with simultaneous translation, you will be asked to choose which language you wish to hear the session in.

If you are connected using web audio, you can switch between languages at any time by using the toggle on the bottom left of the meeting room.

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