Our users want to learn more in less time. Tags make it easy to find the exact clip you want to watch or add to a highlight reel. Until now, only project owners, collaborators, and editors could add tags to clips after an interview. The process was manual and took time. Our answer is to allow users to tag their saved moments directly in the meeting room, saving the collaborator time after the interview.

Tagging is just the beginning of a suite of Insights Enablement tools we will be rolling out throughout 2021. Stay tuned for more releases, automated analysis, and time-saving features.

How it Works

When a moderator or observer clicks Save Moment, a popup will appear that allows them to tag that saved moment. It will suggest to the user the 3 most popular tags, which are defined as the most-used tags across all interviews in your project. The most popular tags will dynamically update.

A user can also type a new tag, and it will auto-suggest previously used tags in that project that don’t make the “top 3” cut.

Enabling Tags for Moderators

We know that moderators have a lot going on in an interview, so tags are ON by default for moderators. To turn it off for your meeting room, open the device settings cog in the bottom right of the meeting room.

Your settings will be saved for future sessions, as long as your browser cache is not cleared.

Can I turn it off just for my interview?

Yes, moderators and observers can turn off the tags popup using their settings cog where they manage their audio/video devices. Turning it off in a meeting room will be saved across the current and future interviews.

Where do my tags appear?

When you tag a saved moment, the tags will appear on the clip list so it’s easier to find the clips you care about:

You can also filter your clips by tag on the Recordings page and on the Highlight Reels page to help with analysis and easily making a highlight reel:

Use Cases

  1. Tag verbatims that align with company objectives for the year - “sustainability,” “personalization,” etc

  2. Tag brand mentions, competitors, and alternatives discussed

  3. Tag research objectives for the specific project - “damaged hair,” “convenience,” “usability”

  4. Tag stimuli - “creative a,” “concept 2”

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