*If you have live support, your support agent will have briefed your respondent on the process for mobile screensharing during session setup so that they know what to expect from you.

Moderators should follow these 2 steps to start viewing respondent's mobile screen:

1. Moderator must ask the respondent to click on the Mobile Screenshare button at the bottom of their page. (Respondent is then prompted to open the app and Start Sharing.)

2. Once screensharing is ON for the respondent, moderator will see a modal pop up in the lower left corner and must click ALLOW to start the screenshare.

Respondent’s mobile screen will then be visible on the whiteboard space. The options page of the app will initially appear. Moderator can then instruct the respondent on what to do next. This should be to access a link moderator has provided, open a browser to navigate to a site, or open an app.

Moderator and respondent will have controls on the whiteboard space to pause or end the respondent’s screen share at any time.

Moderator should pause the respondent’s screen share from the whiteboard if there will be passwords entered or a page with PII opened.

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