Data privacy and security is a top priority for, and we are committed to processing your data in the manner in which you direct, for the time that you permit. Our standard data retention policy is as follows:

Respondent data:

  • Respondent tech check data, including name, tech check videos, IPs, and city location will be deleted 3 months after their scheduled session ends to allow for billing and reconciliation

  • Respondent emails and phone numbers will be deleted 6 months after their scheduled session ends to allow us to check for repeat respondents

  • All respondent data for respondents who were never scheduled into sessions will be deleted 6 months after it enters our system (for recruits who were not selected, duplicate tech check entries, etc)

  • Anonymized respondent profiles will be saved for 3 years

Project data:

  • Projects will be retained for 3 years after their close date. After 3 years, all data will be automatically deleted, including recordings, transcripts, clips, highlight reels, documents (including stimuli), discussion guides, and takeaways.


  • Project owners will receive an automated email 30 days prior to project deletion with information and instructions

  • A reminder email will be sent 7 days prior to deletion

Enterprise clients requiring a different data retention policy should work with their account manager or contact

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