Discuss provides the ability for participants of a discussion to view a shared screen. Screen sharing is valuable for sharing stimuli, presenting concepts, and informal usability and user experience (UX) studies.

Moderators can:

  • Share their own screen with the meeting room.
    (Useful for sharing dynamic stimuli on a moderator’s machine.)

  • Request that panelists share their screen.
    (Useful for virtual “shop-alongs” and viewing a panelist’s experience.)

Sharing a Moderator’s Screen

1. To share your screen as a moderator, click on the Media Icon on the bottom of the discussion. It will look like this.

2. Select “Share My Computer Screen.”
(This option is only available to the researcher)

3. Choose which screen you’d like to share with participants and click inside it to activate the Share button. The shared screen will take center stage in the meeting room, as below.

Viewing a Participant’s Screen

1. Open the participant panel in the lower left-hand corner by clicking the Participant icon.

2. To view a participant’s screen, click the button with the monitor icon.

3. Participants will confirm sharing the screen.

Recording a Screen Share

The screen share is automatically recorded along with the moderator and respondent video and will be available in the Recordings tab.

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