China is one of the most requested geographies on the globe.  Marketers across the world are interested in learning more about Chinese consumers. supports research in this geography.  This article outlines a few challenges when executing projects in this geography as well as migrations strategies for a smooth project.

Technical Requirements

The “Great Firewall of China” impacts video streaming.

  1. Port 443 must be open on the Chinese client in order to participate in an interview; different internet service providers have different restrictions based on the region or municipality.

  2. A VPN connection is effective and can bypass this issue in nearly all cases; support can assist in this workaround.

  3. Test system compatibility at and stop by the Live Chat Support Room if you need assistance setting up or getting connected.

Recruiting a Chinese Sample recommends partnering with either an Asia-focused panel (like AIP) or a local agency. Using a local agency to recruit allows the allows the support team to deploy technical workarounds in advance on a single device and location.

Please contact support if you are planning a project in China.

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