We understand that schedules change, and that rescheduling and cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. Our cancellation policy balances flexibility with reliability, while maintaining good relationships with respondents, vendors and, of course, our clients. –

THIS POLICY APPLIES TO CUSTOMERS OF DISCUSS.IO – For information pertaining to moderators, translators, agencies, and other vendors, please contact your Discuss.io project manager

Understanding Lead Times and Cancellations

Discuss.io spends most of our time and expense before a project begins: our project managers, respondents, live support, and moderators are all carefully coordinated in the background. Once booked and begun, a project may incur a fee depending on when its sessions are rescheduled or canceled.

NO SHOW – Customers who do not show up for their discussions will be charged according to the cancellation policy and will be considered as NO SHOW. Our staff will wait for 20 minutes after which the discussion will be canceled and billed.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Fees

(% of Normal Session Cost per Item, or USD)

  • Project Managers
    The most complex and time-consuming part of a project is the preparation involved in recruiting respondents, scheduling sessions, and coordinating support personnel.  Re-scheduling is not anticipatable, requires additional time, and incurs a cost in addition to our standard pricing.
  • Respondents
    Discuss.io pays respondents partial incentives when interviews are cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled interview.  When we must re-recruit (in case the original respondent is not available at the new time), we charge an additional fee.
  • Live Support
    Every interview is supported by live staff, and we are only able to maintain 24 hour support with careful scheduling. Late cancellations leave us over-staffed, and have to be offset by a fee.
  • Moderators and Translators
    Independent vendors keep tight schedules; cancellations leave gaps in their scheduled work time. External third-party moderators set their own cancellation policies, and 100% of this expense is invoiced to the client.
  • Studies NOT Recruited by Discuss.io
    Any session for which the respondents do not appear on time, or which is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, will be subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the session, including Technical and Support staff fees.
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