Discuss.io uses cloud technology to maintain a low-barrier, almost zero configuration service across clients.

Sometimes, network firewalls prohibit this traffic.

If you experience connection, audio or video issues, follow the troubleshooting steps below to clarify and resolve your network configuration.

If you are on a corporate network and the video and audio will not work, it is possible that video traffic is being intentionally blocked by the firewall whilst allowing other TCP (transmission control protocol) traffic over port 443 (https).  If you believe this is the case, try the following:

  • If your office has a guest network for visitors, try joining that network and accessing the Discuss.io meeting room.

  • If that fails, try accessing the Discuss.io meeting room on your home internet.

If these steps address the issue, then it is likely that Corporate IT will need to whitelist the servers that Discuss.io uses for video and audio.

Information for network administrators

Discuss.io sends all traffic over port 443 via HTTPS.  Our video service will use other ports if they are available for an optimal experience but the service ultimately degrades gracefully to send everything over TCP on 443.

The most common issue experienced by users of our service in corporate environments is firewall software blocking video traffic.  If the website renders but you cannot send and receive video and audio, try the service on an unrestricted network to verify that the user machine's camera/microphone are not at issue.

If the service works, add rules to whitelist video served via *.tokbox.com.  We do not provide IP ranges for those servers as they distributed globally for higher quality and are constantly updated and expanded.  

Similarly, specific domains (rather than wildcard domains) cannot be listed because those servers are specified by geographical area and node (eg mantis009-sjc.tokbox.com for server #9 in the San Jose region).

If you're attempting to access Discuss.io from a restricted network, such as a network with a proxy server, there are some extra considerations you will need to take into account. The decision tree outlined in Tokbox's article about Restricted Networks will help you understand the steps IT administrators need to take in order for the application to work properly. 

More information can be found on Tokbox's article about network connectivity requirements

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