Screen Sharing Compatibility

For a fluid experience, we ask that organizers notify the team 24 hours before a screen sharing session.

This will allow us to complete a “Tech Check” for panelists before attempting to participate in a screen sharing discussion.

For Moderators:

In order to publish a shared video feed, a user will need:

  • Firefox or Chrome (not Internet Explorer)
  • To have loaded (and its JavaScript libraries) via HTTPS, and
  • If on Chrome, the Discuss extension to enable streaming a shared screen.

(Note that no extension is required to view a shared video stream of another user’s screen, only to create one.)

Install the Discuss Screen Sharing extension (automatic in most cases).

  • Chrome

(Alternate link for Discuss Chrome extension, if not installed automatically)

  • Firefox

There is no installation extension required for Firefox.

When prompted, select the screen you want to share and press allow.

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