With Discuss.io Clipmaker you can create highlight reels of pertinent clips using simple “drag and drop” editing tools and bring participants’ quotes to life.

How to create a clip

  1. While playing a video in the recordings section, you will notice that the mouse cursor turns into a precision select pointer (+) when you hover over the video player. This an optional step that allows you to select a part of the video for creating your clip.

  2. Once you have selected the region of the video, click on the “Start Clip” button to mark the starting point of your clip. The video will start to play.

3. After you have played the video up to the point where you want the clip to end, click on the “End Clip” button.

4. Alternatively, you can highlight a section of a transcript and click "Export Selection" in order to create a video clip.

5. A dialog window will appear asking for additional information before creating the clip. Here you can add tags and a description for your clip.

6. Click on Create Clip.

7. The clips will show on top of the main video under “Discussion Clips” along with any tags you have added to the clip.

8. From here you can edit, download, share it (with project collaborators), unlock it (for public sharing) or delete any of the clips.

9. All the created clips will now be available in the Highlights section of the Overview tab, where you will be able to export your edited videos and clips.

Please note that if you use the share option, users will be required to log into the application in order to access to them. 

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