You are responsible for ensuring you can pass your auto tech check to qualify for a study. You must also complete your tech check with the same setup you will use to join the live discussion (same computer, headset/microphone, internet connection). If you are having issues submitting your video:

Ensure you meet the system requirements

Desktop (Windows or Apple)

  • Chrome 80 or higher
  • Firefox 69 or higher
  • Edge 80 or higher (Windows browser only)

Mobile (Android or Apple)

Mobile OS will not be acceptable for most tech checks. If you can't record your auto tech check on mobile you will need to try again on a computer with the requirements listed above.

  • iOS Safari 11 or higher
  • Android Chrome (latest version)

How do I know what browser and OS I'm using?

Try these troubleshooting tips

Troubleshooting Options

  • Use/install/update to the latest version of Chrome (preferred), Firefox, or Edge.
  • Restart your computer and access the link again.
  • Remove any other devices on your wifi connection (phones, tablets, etc)
  • Completely close any other browsers or programs (Skype, Zoom, Teams) that may also be accessing the camera and microphone.
  • Record your video with wired headphones/earbuds with a microphone -- do not use bluetooth headphones.
  • At the top of your browser in the address bar, you should find a webcam or a lock symbol. Click there to allow and/or select your microphone and camera. This should allow our site access.
  • Open an Incognito window in Chrome or an InPrivate window in Firefox/Edge and COPY then PASTE the link into the new browser.
  • Try again on a different browser. Chrome and Firefox are free and easy to download.
  • Refresh your page at any time.
  • If you are receiving a 404 error page, COPY then PASTE the link into the address bar rather than clicking on it from your email.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to wire directly into your modem/router.

Firewalls and Corporate IT Settings

If you experience issues with the tech check detecting your camera and microphone, if may because you are behind a firewall or audio/video streaming has been disabled on your browser. Please check:

  • Are you using a work computer?
  • Is there a firewall or VPN on?

If so, try logging off your VPN or finding a public network to get out from behind the firewall, restarting your browser, and trying the tech check again.

If none of the above work then you simply may not meet the system requirements to use our platform. If you do not qualify, report back to your recruiter.

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