Where can I see how many credits I have remaining?

Credits remaining can be seen in the Organization section in the dashboard and in the calendar page for projects in your organization.

Is there a limit on the number of credits I can use in a quarter?

Not all all! You can use all of your credits with a single quarter if you would like.

How do I start a new project within a subscription account?

Navigate to https://app.discuss.io/quote/ to submit a project request.

On the first step, make sure to assign your project to a Team. Subscriptions credits can only be used within teams. If you do not assign to a Team then you will not be able to deduct subscription credits.

Once submitted you will have access to your project.

How are credits deducted from my account?

Credits are deducted everytime you run a session with a respondent in the meeting room for 15 minutes or longer regardless if recording is ON.

1 on 1 credits = 1 respondent in for 15 minutes or longer regardless of recording.
Group credits = 2+ respondents in for 15 minutes or longer regardless of recording.

Only a maximum of a group credits can be deducted per session. Please reference your agreement for credit pricing.

Personal Meeting Room sessions will NOT deduct credits from your account.

Credits will also be deducted for cancellations and reschedules in accordance with our Cancellation and Postponement Policy.

What happens when I run out of credits?

When you run out of credits, you will be charged adhoc pricing for 1v1 and mini group interviews. Please contact your account manager to renew.

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