Introducing personal meeting rooms

The personal meeting room is a personalized meeting room URL available in beta release for all projects on at no charge. The URL is not editable and it based on your project name.

Your personal meeting room is designed for the following uses:

- Training for moderators to get familiar with the platform prior to a live conversation
- Checking stimuli to ensure it appears as desired in the meeting room
- Debriefs between interviews to regroup on learnings and make adjustments to the discussion guide

You cannot schedule an interview for your personal meeting room. To start a conversation, simply click the Join Room link on your project's Overview page.

To invite colleagues, click the Copy Link button and send to colleagues.

Roles in the Personal Meeting Room

If you are the project owner or a collaborator, and you are logged in, you will join the personal meeting room in the Moderator role. If you are not logged in, or you do not have access to the project, you will join as a Respondent.

Observers and translators are not supported in the personal meeting room. If you need to test these roles, please schedule a regular session and alert your Account Manager.

Joining a Meeting

  1. Click Join Room
  2. Enter your name and agree to the terms of service. If you are the meeting host, click the "log in" link at the bottom.

3. Confirm your camera and microphone settings
4. If you are a Moderator, you will join the room right away. If you are a Respondent, you will join the waiting room until a Moderator invites you in. If you need to log in to start the meeting, click the "log in" link in the waiting room.

There is no live tech support in personal meeting rooms, so the moderator is responsible for inviting in all Respondents and managing the training or debrief. The Help button does not appear in these sessions.

What are the differences between a regular room and a personal meeting room?

Usage limits - The personal meeting room can only be used 10 times during a project.

Scheduling - Personal meeting rooms cannot be scheduled. A meeting room is created when the link is clicked.

Respondent management - There is no respondent management support in personal meeting rooms. Respondents cannot be scheduled for these sessions and there are no respondent profiles available. We do not support incentive payments in personal meeting rooms.

Live tech support - There is no live tech support available in personal meeting rooms.

Limited role support - The only roles supported in peronal meeting rooms are Moderator and Respondent. To test Observer or Translator roles, schedule a regular session in your project and alert your Account Manager.

When is the personal meeting room available for use?

Users will have access to their project's personal meeting room when in the final stages of confirming feasibility and logistics. This is to ensure timely training and onboarding of new team members. The personal meeting room will remain available through the last scheduled interview, after which time it becomes disabled.

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