The Candidates tool makes it easy to schedule your candidates for your interviews.

Our tool provides you with a few ways to ensure your candidates are the right fit for your interview.

  • Video Response - Verify the candidate meets your study requirements.
  • Candidate Availability - Times the candidate can attend your interviews.
  • Screener Answers - Responses to the screening survey.
  • Hardware Requirements - Candidate has camera & microphone to participate.
  • MOS Score - Candidate's probability to have an interrupted connection during the interview.
  • Repeat Participant Tag - Candidate has appeared in a previous study on

Assigning candidates to an interview

1. Click on the "Assign to an interview button". This will display a list of your upcoming interviews. Dates where the candidate can attend are marked with a green thumbs up.

2. Select the interview time you want to assign to the participant.

If notifications are turned on, the candidate will receive scheduling notifications to confirm the selected date. To learn more about the notifications see this article 

3. Once a time is selected, the candidate will appear in the "Upcoming Interviews" tab. within the selected interview time.

Dismissing a candidate

1. If you find a candidate unqualfied, you may dismiss them from the pool by clicking on the "dismiss" candidate button. If auto-notifications are turned on, the candidate will recieve a email that they did not qualify for the study.

2. You will be prompted to confirm the dismissal.

3. Once dismissed, the candidate will move to the "Dismissed Candidates" section. You can find the participant here if you change your mind and want to assign them to a session.

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