It takes some back and forth to get a screener right. makes it easy for you to keep track of changes and view your screener at anytime.

When your Project Manager has your screener ready for your review, you will be notified via email with a link to go and view your screener. Only project owners and designated screener editors will receive this email.

  1. After you have reviewed your screener and it looks good, you can approve it at any time by clicking the "Approve Screener" button. This let's our team know to use the current screener for recruitment. Only project owners and editors can approve the screener.  

2. We will double check to confirm if you want to approve the screener for recruitment. Screener costs will be incurred once confirmed. The screener cannot be edited after it's approved, please reach out to your project manager if changes need to be made. 

3. After you approve, you are all set 🎉 ! 

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