With Discuss.io, we can recruit respondents for your interviews, or you can bring your own from existing customer lists, online communities, a research agency, or anywhere else!

When bringing your own respondents, follow these guidelines for a smooth project.

Supported Browsers

Discuss.io is designed to work with the following browsers:

Fully supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome (latest release version) and Chrome Mobile (Android only)

  • Firefox (latest release version)

  • Safari on iOS (iPhones only; no iPad support)

  • Edge (version 80 or newer)

We don't support any beta or legacy versions of these browsers or alternative open source builds of them. Use of unsupported browsers is at your own risk and Discuss.io is not responsible for session failure, cancellations or delays, or other problems that may occur resulting from using an unsupported software or devices to access Discuss.io.

Users must have cookies and JavaScript enabled in their browser.

For the best experience, we recommend users close unnecessary browser tabs and any programs that may attempt to access the camera and microphone, such as Skype, to prevent collision. 

Firewalls and Corporate IT

Respondents joining from a work internet connection or work computer must confirm that firewalls and corporate IT policies will not prevent them from publishing or subscribing to video streams in their browser. It is common for IT settings to block video streaming, and most employees are not permitted to change these settings. For this reason, it is important that respondents go through a tech check prior to the interview and use the same device and internet connection for the interview as they do for the test.

Mobile and Tablet Support

Discuss.io is compatible with laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, and some tablets. 

You can control which devices are allowed by reviewing your stimuli and screensharing settings on your project's Settings page.

Mobile and Tablet Best Practices

For mobile and tablet devices, there are a few things to know to have the best possible experience.

  • Mobile and tablet are best for 1:1 conversations as opposed to groups. This is because respondents on mobile or tablet devices will see only the moderator. They can hear any additional people in the interview but will not see them.

  • Mobile and tablet users cannot view screensharing or stimuli shown on the whiteboard. 

  • Mobile and tablet is available only for users in the Respondent (being interviewed) or Observer roles. Moderators must join on a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Android users must join on Chrome

  • iOS v11 and newer users must join on Safari (iOS v10 and older are NOT compatible with our meeting room)

  • iPads are currently not supported

Bandwidth Requirements

Take note of both minimum upload and download speeds for a high-quality interview:

  • Upload: ≥ 1 Mbps (recommended lowest level).

  • Download: ≥ 1 Mbps (recommended lowest level).

(N.b.: Participants at lower connection speeds cannot reliably send or receive screen shares. Acceptable speed calculated based on sharing a 1024 × 728 px at 10 frames per second. )

Customers doing their own recruitment may want to remind respondents that neither they nor anyone using their internet connection should do bandwidth-heavy activities during the interview, including but not limited to:

  • Streaming videos (YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc)

  • Playing online video games

  • Downloading or uploading large files

Equipment Recommendations

  • Any standard webcam (integrated or external)

  • A headset with a microphone

  • If attending from meeting rooms, echo–canceling speakerphones

Interview Best Practices for Respondents

We recommend sending the following guidelines to respondents in order to have the best possible interview.

  • Use the same device you used for your technical test. We also recommend using the same internet connection.

  • If you take the interview from home, please ask other family members not to use programs that take up too much bandwidth (Netflix, YouTube, online games, etc) 

  • If you take the interview from work, please make sure to access from a quiet room where you won't have interruptions, also make sure that the company wifi is fully reachable from the room and that there are no bandwidth or firewall limitations.

  • As a reminder, use Google Chrome or Firefox to login when on a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Please access the link 5 minutes prior to the interview time so we can have enough time to double check that everything is ok with your connection.                 

  • Check these troubleshooting steps if you have any technical issues.

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