Add Interviews

Set up interview times to speak with your participants. 

  1. Navigate to your project overview and click on the setup and then on "Select dates".

2. On the calendar, click on any hour time slot.

3. After you click a time slot, select the session start time.

4. After you click the start time, you will see your interview appear in the interview list. Ta da! You scheduled a session.

Edit Interview Duration

The interview duration may be edited from the drop down on the calendar. Simply click on it to set the duration for all of your sessions.

Reschedule Interviews

We get that things change. It's easy to reschedule existing interviews with

  1. Simply click on the interview you want to reschedule and the edit dialogue will pop up. Click on the calendar icon to set the new time.

2. Select the new date.

3. Select the  time.

4. Click on Save to confirm your changes. Then you are done! Those that were sent a invite will be notified that the session has been rescheduled.

Delete Interviews

If you need to cancel any interviews you can do so from the calendar as well. Please note that canceled sessions are subject to our cancellation policy

  1. Click on the session that you want to remove. When the edit diaologue pops up, click on the trash can icon.

2. A message will appear to confirm the deletion. Click delete to remove the session. Removing a session is subject to our cancellation policy

Calendar Invites - Coming Soon!

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