Please join the demo room at:

*Please note that this room is open to all clients and respondents and as such there may be others in the room testing their audio and video as well.

Enter your email address to join:

We will check your system, your network, and give you a quality report. Please allow the browser access to your camera and microphone.

If you can't connect, please follow the troubleshooting steps found here.

If you can connect, you will next select your device settings. Ensure you've chosen the correct inputs for your computer from the dropdown lists.

When all devices are selected correctly, click CONFIRM and you will be joined to the room. 

You will be able to see yourself if your camera is working and you will be able to tell if your microphone is working if you see a green flash in the upper right corner of your picture when you are talking.

To test if you can hear from your earbuds, you can simply play a song from a music app or streaming video. If you can hear the music or dialogue, you have a working set of headphones.

If you are having trouble fully connecting or joining to the room, please send a message using the help chat button on the bottom right of this page.

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