Thanks for participating in a session! We want you to have a great experience and a trouble-free session. Please read through this preparation and troubleshooting guide to help make this happen.

Several things you should do before you join to ensure a great discussion:

  1. Join with the same set-up you used for tech check (same computer, headset/mic, and webcam) to ensure everything works on your end.

  2. Restart your computer before you join to close any other competing apps that may be running in the background. Some apps consume valuable bandwidth or can block your audio/video source.

  3. Use an updated Chrome browser (preferred) and COPY/PASTE the link from your email.

  4. Join at least 15 minutes early or at the time you are directed by your recruiter so the support agent can verify your system requirements and brief you on the process.

  5. Use headphones with a microphone to optimize audio.

  6. Close any apps, other browsers, or browser tabs you may have open.

  7. Remove other devices in the area from the wifi network (phones, tablets, laptops, Rokus, Chromecasts, etc)

  8. Make sure there is no other streaming or downloading taking place on your wifi network.

Select and Confirm Your Device Settings

When joining the discussion, ensure you are selecting your proper devices. If you can see yourself, your camera is selected correctly. Otherwise, click on the dropdown and select your camera.

You will have at least 2 choices if your headset is plugged in. Choose your headset microphone from the dropdown list. 

Once confirmed, you will land on a waiting page. Please do not navigate away from this page. At this point, you should be in a quiet, well lit environment with no distractions, completely camera ready. Your support agent knows you are there and will invite you in shortly for a final live technical check. 

Again, the support agent knows you are there. Some sessions start late due to technical difficulties or many other reasons. Please just wait until you are joined to the room or you receive a new message thanking you for your participation.

If you start experiencing audio or video issues during the discussion:

Click the settings gear icon in the lower right corner of the page and ensure the video and audio devices you are using are correctly selected (especially if you've plugged in a headset after joining to the room).

If devices are set correctly and there are still issues, you can:

  1. Refresh your browser.

  2. Request the moderator/support to reset your connection.

  3. Check that any other devices aren't slowing down your available bandwidth by streaming or downloading.

  4. Stop the interview and reboot your computer.

If your audio and video issues are too disruptive, you may be asked by the moderator to connect by phone and finish the discussion using audio only. Click the settings button in the lower right corner of the page.

Under Audio in the Device Settings modal, select the Phone option and enter your phone number. Click on CALL ME and wait for a call from (866-557-6716). Enter the PIN and # sign and you will be joined to the room. You may also dial yourself in using Show dial-in instructions and selecting the number for your country.

If you start experience video lag or freezing and it can't be resolved by the above steps: 

Turn off your camera using the controls in the lower left corner and continue the discussion using computer audio only.

Or, connect your computer directly to the modem using an ethernet cable. 

If you are having trouble viewing stimulus or a shared screen:

Refresh your browser or ask the moderator to call for help.

If you've accidentally closed your browser and can't rejoin: 

You can copy and paste the link into an incognito/private browser window. Opening an incognito or private window:

If you become disconnected and can't rejoin or you cannot resolve the issue with these troubleshooting steps: 

Contact your recruiter or send a message for help using the chat icon in the bottom right of this page and reference the 6 digit number in the original URL if you can.

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