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Click here for Observer troubleshooting.

Here is a quick overview video for self support. Please watch before your session and then have this page open for help during the session.

Premier Live Tech Support

If you purchased Premier Live Tech Support, your support agent will be available for initial session set-up to ensure that all participants have:

  • Joined the discussion in the proper role

  • Met system requirements

  • Great audio and video

  • A stable connection

The agent will start the recording and then monitor the session for any issues for the first 10 minutes or until agent is satisfied the issues have stabilized. After that point, please click the Help button in the bottom right of your screen and a support agent will join the room. The support agent will contact you via the backroom chat rather than interrupt the session

Supporting Your Own Session

If you did not purchase premier live tech support, you are responsible for:

  • Ensuring all respondents join the meeting room on time, using a supported browser and device

  • Troubleshooting participants

  • Turning recording on


To turn recording on, click the Recording button in the upper right of the meeting room. The button will say Recording On with a red camera icon when the room is recording.

Connection Issues

If the respondent has minor audio or video issues, ask them to refresh their own browsers first.

If browser refresh doesn't work, open the participant list view from the bottom left corner. You can reset the connection by using the refresh button for the respondent or yourself. (You can also refresh observers and translator line.) You can also control all microphones and cameras in use.

Using Phone Audio

If you need to switch yourself to phone audio due to computer audio issues:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the lower right and enter your phone number. 

  2. Click CALL ME and wait for a call from (866-557-6716). 

  3. Enter the PIN and # sign and you will be joined to the room. 

  4. You may also dial yourself in from your handset using Show dial-in instructions and selecting the number for your country.

If you need to switch the respondent to phone audio, you can instruct them to follow the same instructions as above. Alternatively, you can dial them in by clicking the phone icon next to their name in the participant list. They have entered their phone number when joining and the modal will autopopulate. If not, have them enter a number in a private chat.

Step 1: Click phone icon

Step 2 Click call

Step 3: The platform will automatically mute their web audio when the call connects. You can then continue the session with web video and phone bridge audio.

If respondent is experiencing significant video lag or freezing, you may close their camera in the participant list and complete the discussion in audio only.

Ending the Session

When you are finished and ready to close the session, you can dismiss all participants, close the room, and activate video processing by selecting the (1) End/Exit button from the upper right and then (2) End for Everyone.

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