To locate and view your recordings/clips please refer to this article: Viewing and Downloading Videos/clips

You must first have made a clip from the video recording of your discussion. Please refer to this article on creating a clip: How to Create a Clip

Having created a clip, this article will explain how it can be modified to create a highlight from the original clip.

How to edit a clip

Locate the clip to be modified by going to the associated project and clicking on the Recordings tab. Select the discussion containing the clips from the menu on the left.

The clip will appear in the 'Discussion Clips' area above the 'Discussion Video'.

Beneath each clip you will have a 3 dot menu to access a number of controls:

Click on the pencil icon to edit the clip.

The following pop up will appear:

From here you can name or rename your clip, add or edit tags, and change the length and location of the clip to highlight a certain part by adjusting the green elliptical controls under the clip. You can also edit your clip by dragging and dropping the transcript.

Once you are happy with the edit click Save.

The modified clip will now replace the original clip.

You will need to complete this process for each clip.

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