Discuss.io allows project owners and collaborators to create interactive discussion guides available in the meeting room to help moderators stay focused and observers know what's coming next.

Create and Edit a Discussion Guide

When enabled for your project, you can create a discussion guide on the Project Overview page.

Organize your questions into sections. For each section, set an optional amount of time you expect to spend on those questions.

Questions and sections can be reordered using the 6 dot icon to the left of each question. Drag and drop entire sections or questions within a section. You can also drag a question out of one section and into another.

Discussion guides can be edited at any time, and once changes are saved, they are immediately available in any live conversations. 

Create Multiple Guides

Each project can have multiple discussion guides, perfect for multi-language studies or studies with multiple respondent profiles needing different questions.

Reuse an Existing Discussion Guide

If you've created a discussion guide in our platform before, you can reuse and edit it, which saves you valuable time. To choose from your previous guides, click on the Import Guide dropdown within the discussion guide builder.

A dropdown menu will open that lists your available discussion guides. Simply choose the one you want and edit as desired. Edits won't be saved unless you click the save button.

In the Meeting Room

Below the Chat tab is a new Discussion Guide tab. Here you will see all the sections and questions you defined on the Overview page.

Moderators can mark off questions as they are asked to stay organized during the discussion. When checked, that question will appear integrated in the transcript. Therefore, it is best to check off the question immediately after asking it.

Moderators aren't the only ones who benefit from discussion guides. Observers and translators can also view the discussion guide so they know what has been asked and what's coming next. 

Transcript and Recording Integration

When questions are checked off in a discussion, they will be annotated in the transcript and on the video timeline. Quickly review your questions and the resulting answer, and export all answers across your project for easy analysis.

Export and Analyze

You can export an Excel file with the discussion guide questions and how the questions were answered in each session so that you can quickly compare answers across the whole project. For this export to work, you must mark off questions during the interview.

Locate your Excel file on your Overview page.

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