When enabled for your project, Takeaways allows project owners to gather input from moderators and observers immediately after the end of a session. Project owners and collaborators can customize the questions to your research objectives. If you don't customize your questions, all observers and moderators will be asked these 3 standard questions:

  1. What was the biggest takeaway you had from today's conversation?

  2. What did you learn?

  3. What action would you take based on what you heard today?

Takeaways are optional, so you can complete none, some or all of the questions. Users who do not answer all questions will be sent a reminder email 24 hours after the session.

Project owners and collaborators can access completed takeaways on the Overview page. Use the Export button to download a CSV file of all the Takeaways for your project. 

Customize Questions

To customize Takeaways questions, click the Customize button on the Takeaways section of the Overview.

Here, you can add and remove sections and questions, as well as reorder questions and sections. You can edit the questions at any time, and any future moderators or observers in that project will see the new questions.

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