Permissions are managed within each project. To access the project you wish to manage, go to your dashboard at and click on the desired project.

Add Collaborators

Collaborators have access to view project information, including the agenda and links to enter sessions, documents in the document hub, stimuli, and other collaborators.

To add a collaborator: in the "About" section click on "Show/edit details"

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite.

If the person doesn't already have a account, they will receive an email notification asking them to complete their registration. Once this is done they can login to their dashboard and have access to the project 

Choose Screener Reviewers

Project owners can control who gets notified that a screener has been uploaded for review.

In the same About section, look for the Review/Approve Screener section. Select from the list of collaborators to designate who should get an email when a screener has been uploaded to the document hub.

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