The overview page consists of 6 different parts.

  1. "About" section

There you can see the collaborators that are added to your project and that will have access to your recordings, if you want to give access to a colleague click on "Show/edit details" and enter their email address

2. Discussion Guides

Our interactive Discussion Guide builder allows you to create and edit a discussion guide that will be visible in every session in your project to keep your interviews focused and help less experienced moderators do their best.

3. Takeaways

After each session, moderators and observers will be prompted to answer customizable questions for each project. Use this section to review and download your colleagues' answers for quick analysis.

4. Upcoming sessions

All your scheduled interviews will be listed there. You will be able to get moderator and observer links for all sessions as well as see when a specific team lead has been assigned as a moderator of a discussion, if there is no one assigned to a discussion the "moderator" column will show up blank.
Everyone that is added as a collaborator in the "about" section will automatically have moderator access granted for all sessions.
On the right corner of this portion, you have two viewing options:

  • All sessions - All sessions scheduled for the project, regardless of who is assigned as a moderator
  • My sessions - Sessions that you have been specifically assigned as a moderator

5. Document hub

We’ve added  folders on your project overview page so that you can find all your project’s documents in one place. The document hub introduces 5 folders to help you manage your project.
Documents in these folders can be viewed, downloaded, and deleted. You now have single place to store and mange documents for your project.

  • Screeners - This is where you can find the screener used to source your respondents.
  • Discussion Guides - This is where you can find the discussion guide used for moderating your sessions.
  • Respondent Profiles - This is where you can find respondent answers to the screening criteria before your sessions.
  • Report - This is where you can find your project report.
  • Stimuli - Upload stimulus to all the upcoming sessions using this field. Simply click on "Stimuli" and you will be able to create folders and upload files. Please check our article on supported file types and file sizes.

When a discussion guide, screener, or respondent profile gets uploaded to the overview page, the project owners and collaborators will all get notified with an email that contains a link to view the document.

6. Highlights

A quick-review list of your highlight reels, video clips you've made, and clips we've generated for you automatically. 

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