The whiteboard features are available on a sidebar on the left hand side of the stimuli

1. Close whiteboard
After closing the whiteboard the file is still going to be available if it needs to be activated again. This is only visible for moderators.

2. Color of the markup
When the whiteboard is on, each respondent will be assigned a different color, they can change their color using this option. This is visible for both respondent and moderator.

3. Select items to move around
Once a markup is created, it can be dragged to other parts of the screen

4. Drawing tool
Used to create markups in the whiteboard

5. Add text

6. Draw lines, rectangles or circles

7. Reveal participant markup

Respondent markup is hidden from other respondents by default.

A moderator can choose to reveal all the markup on the whiteboard to other respondents by clicking on the crossed through eye icon in the whiteboard. 

Moderator View

Panelist View (Hidden)

Panelist View (Revealed)

To reveal markup to all the respondents in the meeting room, click on the crossed through eye icon on the whiteboard.

To hide markup from the rest of panelist click on the eye icon on the whiteboard.

8. Save snapshot
Saves a snapshot of the whiteboard and saves as an image and is available in the Recordings tab. Note that the whiteboard displayed in a session is automatically recorded to the discussion video.

9. Remove items or clear the whiteboard
Pressing this icon removes all the markups in the whiteboard

10. Magnify a part of the image

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