In a discussion, Moderators and Observers can keep track of important points by clicking the Save Moment button in the upper right of the meeting room menu.

Clicking the Save Moment button marks your place and will appear on your video timeline in the Archive. Moments saved by multiple people appear with a star. Hover over a moment to see who saved it.

All saved moments are automatically turned into 30-second video clips, so you can quickly share and embed powerful sound bites in reporting and analysis. Edit clips quickly and easily to get just the quote you need.

How to Use It

We love the ingenuity of our users. We initially envisioned Save the Moment for interesting or important comments by respondents, but we also see users saving moments for:

  • Tracking adverse events in healthcare studies for easy reporting and compliance - get the timestamp, the verbatim transcript, who saved the moment, and other critical information required in AE reporting.

  • Bookmarking when specific concepts are discussed - Our Discussion Guide feature allows for tracking interview questions, but if you just want to track when a stimulus is shown or a screenshare starts, save the moment so you can quickly find that point in the video in the future.

  • Saving a theme for use in a report - Agencies with end clients as observers are using Save the Moment to indicate themes or verbatims they want in a final report for the project

Interesting Moments

In sessions without saved moments, the system will automatically create what we call an "interesting moment" as a video clip for your review. The interesting moment is determined by the speech patterns detected in the interview, where we think you will find value in what the respondent is saying.

These interesting moments do not appear on the video timeline like saved moments. They can be deleted if desired by hovering over the clip and using the trash can icon that appears on the video tile.

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