When you log into your account you will see your dashboard with all the projects you're currently a part of. There you will be able to switch between projects to find your desired videos.

Once you have selected the desired project you will see a tab for ‘Recordings‘. Click there and a list of the recorded interviews for that project will be displayed. Click on the interview you want to view and it will appear on the screen.

From here you can view the video, view saved moments, edit saved moments, create new clips and share the clips with your colleagues. Please check our articles on how to use the saved moments feature and how to create clips.

Viewing Videos with Simultaneous Translation

Our unique translation experience means you get a video file that allows you to seamlessly switch between the original and translated languages.

To select your language, use the menu in the video player. Hovering over the translation icon will show you the two languages available to you. Switch between the two without stopping the video.

The audio file, the transcript, and the subtitles run independent of each other. If you select a language and click Show Transcript, the transcript will match the language selected in the video. If you want to change the transcript language, click on the transcript language dropdown.

If you wish to watch subtitles, hover over the subtitles icon in the video menu bar. You can choose between the two languages regardless of the chosen audio, provided that both languages are supported by our machine transcription service. We currently support English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Downloading videos

Go to "Tools & Downloads" at the top-right of the page and click on "Video". This will save the whole video to your computer.

If you just want to share a link for that specific video, from the same "Tools & Downloads" option select "Share". This will generate a direct link to the video which is only accessible by authenticated Discuss.io users. You can authorise access to specific team members by adding them as collaborators in the Overview page.

Downloading clips

In order to share a video, you must first make a clip or clips from the video.
These appear in the area 'Discussion Clips' above the main video.

There are a number of actions associated with each clip including Download, Link, Sharing and Delete in the 3 dot menu on the right side of each clip.

By  clicking on the link icon, you can copy a web address which points to the clip. 

However, you may also need to set the sharing options:

  • The sharing icon is a lock and this is set by default to restrict sharing to existing users in Discuss.io (lock closed). 

  • If you share the link with the lock closed only users in Discuss.io will be able to play the clip.

  • To share the video with users and non-users you should click on the lock so that it appears in the open position. You can now share the clip with anyone.

Do I need to have an account with Discuss.io to access the shareable links?

The shareable link available in the Archive (attached to clips) is set by default to private meaning it can only be opened by someone with a Discuss.io account.
The lock symbol beside the link must be clicked (it will then display as an open lock) to make the link publicly available and accessible to anyone even without a Discuss.io account.


Create highlight reels of pertinent clips using simple “drag and drop” editing tools and bring participants’ quotes to life. If you want to learn how to create clips, please check our article on how to create clips.

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