Before you begin

Create an account with if you have not done so already. Interpreters are now required to login to attend their sessions.

Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements, and don't forget to check the interview best practices

Video Training Materials

Watch this 4-minute video outlining the experience of a simultaneous interpreter.


  1. Open the URL link you have received prior to the session. The link should look like where ###### is a 6-digit number. 
  2. Follow the prompt to log in, or create your account if this is your first time.
  3. You will be taken to the technology check page. This is an automatic process and once finished will take you to the Audio/Video Device selection page that looks like this. 

    4. Select your audio and video devices and click Save. Make sure that you are using headphones with a microphone. Conducting simultaneous translation without headphones and microphone causes noise cancelation issues and a degraded audio experience for all attendees.

    5. Upon clicking Save, you may see a welcome message if the Moderator has not yet joined. 

When you enter the meeting room, you will be able to hear the moderator and respondents. When you speak, your audio will publish to the translation line, so the meeting room participants will not hear you. Only observers listening to the translation line will hear you.

Speaking to the Meeting Room

If you need to speak to the meeting room, such as to help a support representative troubleshoot with a respondent, use the Push to Talk button in the bottom left of your window. 

Press and hold the button while you speak, and your voice will be heard in both the meeting room and the translation line.

Using Your Phone

Simultaneous translators can conduct their whole job without using a phone on the platform. However, there may be times when you need to switch your audio source.

You cannot use one phone to both hear the meeting room and translate.

To switch audio, click on the Settings cog in the lower right corner of your window. This will open the Device Settings modal. To switch from computer to phone audio, click the Phone tab. 

Follow the instructions to either have the system call you, or dial into one of our local conference line numbers. When the call connects, enter the unique PIN code at the bottom right of your Device Settings modal to let the system know you are the translator.

When your phone is connected, you will continue to use your computer to listen to the meeting room. Your computer input will be muted, and you will use your phone to interpret. You won't hear anything through your phone.

If you are connected by phone and need to speak into the meeting room, use the Push to Talk button as described above.

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