As a web-based service, internet connectivity to's services is crucial for normal operation on both desktop web and mobile. Any domain restrictions to prevent network access to's providers like Tokbox, will prevent the application from working correctly.

The Network Test performs tests to check the current state of the network. The results indicate whether the currents settings are optimal to access and use the application.  Use this guide to assess your network environment before you start using

Before You Begin

For this test to run correctly, we recommend that you use the most recent and desktop version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are unsure about what browser you’re using, go to .
Run this test on a device that is connected to the network that you want to analyze for using

  1. In your browser, open the Network Test (

  2. Wait while the application tests your system and produces a report about the network connectivity.

  3. If your computer and network meet the requirements, you should see a success message to continue to 

This is what a successful network test should look like:


If you don’t see something like the picture above, and given that all standard troubleshooting steps have been followed, and the user is aware of the system requirements, this is typically due to corporate networks specifically targeting non-whitelisted websites serving video.

If you suspect you might be behind a firewall in a corporate environment, please contact your IT department or network administrator and instruct them to read the Working with Firewalls article.

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